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In every industry data is being created in places it never has before, creating hyper-distributed data environments. It is becoming increasingly hard to reach that data, secure that data, and much less draw an insight and enable a person or process to take action on the data. But data is not the problem – connected data is the problem.

The ability to secure, aggregate, automate, and draw insights from an organization’s own data – with speed – will define value for that organization. When you connect people, process, data and things, technology becomes an enabler and new opportunities emerge:

  • New market opportunities
  • New business models
  • New way to operate
  • New ways to consume technology

Streaming Analytics at the Edge

The value of data increases when it can be used proactively, and in real time, to promote actionable events for modern business processes. The streaming analytics movement is of extreme value to multiple groups within an organization: marketing and sales for revenue-generating use cases, network management for root-cause analysis and fault prediction, security for fraud detection and more. Streaming platforms enable real-time business decisions and immediate action by processing billions of events per day from billions of data producers. Common stream platforms combine a publish-subscribe messaging pattern and event driven stream-processing engine.  The big assumption here is that the data is produced near the cluster. Put another way, stream platforms do not provide a facility to move physically distributed data over the network.

Location is key to understanding Cisco’s contribution to analytics. In our latest push to expand the network, Cisco and our partner service providers have pushed the network edge to include a set of devices that already have a lot of critical local data – from sensors miles underground, underwater, in the air, or even at speed on the highway. Creating an opportunity to transform business decision making by joining data from those oil platforms, mines, planes, and cars to existing, centralized data. But in many cases there is a significant gap between the amount of data in these systems and the bandwidth available to move it.

Cisco’s Connected Streaming Analytics (CSA) installs a scale stream processing platform in the network near each data producer to facilitate smart decisions about if, when, and how to move the data and to identify and take immediate action on the most critical events. No matter how big or how remote, CSA allows you to detect urgent business situations, risks, and opportunities with true real time alerting, integrated machine learning, and predictive analytics.

DataStorytellerBlog-BryanWilliamsConnected Data Analytics

Data is massive, messy and spread everywhere across an organization. The infrastructure over which data travels stretches from the data center, to the branch office, to the cloud and to the network edge. Connect analytics to the data in the data center and streaming at the edge to take immediate action on the most critical events. Change behavior, capture opportunities, respond to threats, and improve your business.


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