Network Management: Don’t React – Act

2 min read

Cisco Crosswork gives service providers an unprecedented level of control, enabling a proactive approach to network management.

Preventative Care for Telecom Service Provider Networks

2 min read

Modern network operations are highly complex. Cisco’s augmented intelligence technology can help keep your systems fighting fit

The Cable Story, Part 4: Automating the Network

2 min read

Automation stands to be the most important thing that cable providers can do today to streamline their businesses.

June 11, 2018


Edge and fog computing: Cutting through the haze (Part 1)

3 min read

While the concepts of edge and fog have been around for a while, they are being re-imagined to reshape how government agencies are interacting with citizens and data.

Your Network Should Never Be Impacted by an Issue We Know About

2 min read

Automated diagnostics and remediation is leveraging TAC knowledge, connectivity and data, and safeguards networks from being impacted by issues we know about or can predict: TAC innovation delivering value at scale.

Come Join us at Cisco Live 2018!

2 min read

Cisco Live Orlando 2018 is less than one month away and it’s your opportunity to sharpen your skills while you learn from the best on how to run your world-class network.