Implementing the best of breed of Cisco technology is exciting. At Cisco Live, I’m sure you will feel this excitement and be energized by all the innovation surrounding you.

You will make investment decisions, you will implement the technology, integrate it with what is already running, and you will be looking for proof of how the technology not just supports but directly drives your business growth.

With ever increasing network complexity and ever increasing threats, mitigating the risk of a ‘network down’ scenario is paramount.

Today, like any other day, over 5000 TAC engineers are engaging with customers to solve their most complex network issues. At a scale of over 2 million engagements per year and across all technologies, serving more than 200,000 customers. 

The breadth and depth of knowledge accumulated during the 30 years that TAC is operating is unparalleled in the industry. The TAC brand is extremely solid – the organization has been awarded the JD Power Certified Technology Service and Support (CTSS) certification  for the 11th consecutive year – an honor that has never been accomplished by any other technology company.

And yet your expectations as customers are changing.  You not only expect stellar service when something breaks but also you wantus to help prevent issues from happening in the first place and to mitigate any potential risk.  You expect proactive and effortless engagements.  To be called instead of needing to call when you need help.  You expect us to share our knowledge, to make it actionable and relevant for your network, to infuse this knowledge in your workflows, to automate where possible, and when you still need to talk to a person make this extremely easy.

We listened and created a strategy to deliver on this mission:  Your network should never be impacted by an issue we know about or can predict.

Our wealth of knowledge is being digitized at an accelerated pace and we use it to automate, augment and act. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning run on top of data we have access to, let us predict anomalies and gives us a way to let you benefit even more from what we analyze across our customer base. Continuously refined, continuously refreshed.

TAC is focusing its innovation on your changing reality and expectations. We talk to you every day, so we know what you are looking for: automation, augmentation and proactive, effortless action, delivered at scale.

During a PSO session on Wednesday, I’ll talk more about this and show you an automated diagnostics and remediation system being piloted in the market today.

You can register here for the session on Wednesday, Jun 13, 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. | W313

I’m looking forward to the dialogue!



Rodney Dunn

Distinguished Engineer