Collaboration for the Digital Age

2 min read

A digital workforce transformation starts with a great meeting experience. Learn the best way to connect employees and move business forward.

May 9, 2018


Cloud Unfiltered: The Automation Episode, feat. Alex Peay and Mike Place

1 min read

Are you automating the right things and using the right tools in your company? This week on Cloud Unfiltered, Alex Peay and Mike Place of SaltStack talk about automation.

Imagine What’s Possible in a 5G World

2 min read

A look at the last 10 years of mobility and observations on what the next 10 years will look like with 5G on the horizon.

April 25, 2018


Render your first network configuration template using Python and Jinja2

4 min read

Using Python and Jinja2 to automate network configuration templates is a really useful way to simplify the repetitive tasks network engineers face on a daily basis.

April 19, 2018


Updates for BASS

1 min read

Cisco Talos has rolled out a series of improvements to the BASS open-source framework aimed at speeding up its ability to provide coverage for new malware families.

April 17, 2018


It’s Time to Get Your ‘Data Style’ On!

2 min read

You’re collecting data from all types of devices - data that will influence your goals. The latest version of Business Critical Services can help with analytics, automation, and expertise.

April 13, 2018


Malware monitor – leveraging PyREBox for malware analysis

1 min read

This post was authored by Xabier Ugarte Pedrero In July 2017 we released PyREBox, a Python Scriptable Reverse Engineering Sandbox as an open source tool. This project is part...

Cisco Crosswork – Part 1: Change Automation

3 min read

In February, Cisco announced its Crosswork Network Automation - a new network automation portfolio for Service Providers. Follow this blog series to learn about new solutions in the Cisco Crosswork portfolio.

March 8, 2018


Why is Cisco Teaching Me Python? 

2 min read

Is learning topics related to programmable networks - like Python, JSON, REST APIs - really critical to your success as a network engineer?