Pat Chou

Product Manager

Service Provider - Transceiver Modules Group

Since 2012, Pat Chou has been a Product Manager in Cisco’s Transceiver Modules Group, where he manages pluggable optic transceivers for use in data centers, campus networks, and service provider networks. Prior to joining Cisco he held positions in sales, marketing, and R&D at optical technology leaders Bell Laboratories (now Nokia), JDSU (now Lumentum), and optical technology startups AOptix, Phaethon, and AiDi.

Pat received his PhD and Bachelor’s Degree from MIT, and a Master’s Degree from the University of Southern California, all in electrical engineering. He’s back in school again, sort of, studying improv and sketch comedy at The Groundlings and The Upright Citizens Brigade.


October 18, 2019


25 Gb For Campus Networks – Just Upgrade It!

25Gb optics add negligible cost to a new campus network. There's no reason not to choose it over 10Gb.

Don’t Mix Up Your FECs

Clearing up the confusion about forward error correction and 25G short reach transceivers.

September 24, 2019


Cisco’s 10/25G CSR Transceiver – Clearing Up A Common Misconception

Answering the question: How am I supposed to use Cisco’s 10/25G CSR transceiver when it’s proprietary?

Optics Around the World… of Solutions at Cisco Live 2019

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