Calling all service provider network engineers and networking professionals! We have just unveiled the new Cisco Service Provider Cloud Network Infrastructure Specialist Certification, specifically crafted for those overseeing the intricacies of day-to-day cloud infrastructure. This new Cisco certification proves that you have the skills to implement today’s most complex cloud networks.

But what makes it stand out? And why should it be on your radar? Let’s delve into the details.

Unlocking the world of cloud networking

The new Cisco certification in cloud networking examines the crucial technologies that form the backbone of cloud network infrastructure. Aspiring candidates are in for a treat: it’s not just a certification—it’s a gateway to comprehending key technology areas associated with the cloud from a networking perspective.

The exam, 300-540 SPCNI: Designing and Implementing Cisco Service Provider Cloud Network Infrastructure, comprises five key domains:

  • Virtualization Architecture · 25%
  • Cloud Interconnect · 25%
  • High Availability · 20%
  • Security · 15%
  • Service Assurance and Optimization · 15%

Together, these exam domains empower network engineers to seamlessly navigate infrastructure connectivity in the cloud, integrating new layers and functions with traditional on-premises setups. Visit the Cisco Learning Network to download the 300-540 SPCNI exam topics

A game-changer for the CCNP Service Provider certification track

What makes this certification so unique, and why should it matter in the CCNP Service Provider track? Well, as workloads migrate to the cloud, the traditional role of the network engineer evolves. In turn, this specialist cert aligns with the skill set needed to adapt to the ongoing transformation of on-premises and off-premises workloads and connectivity models.  

Previously the CCNP Service Provider track lacked a specialization dedicated to cloud networking. With this certification, a new and exciting path is now available for those with core networking knowledge, offering opportunities to implement and enable businesses for cloud connectivity or to work with cloud providers.  

Evolving role of service provider technologies: Navigating the cloud frontier

The role of service provider technologies and applications is undergoing a significant shift. With the integration of cloud, multicloud, and cloud connectivity, bandwidth, latency, and service levels are taking center stage. This evolution is driven by the growing demand for flexibility, scalability, and efficiency in delivering services to end users. 

Practical knowledge for real-world success

If you’re interested in this certification, we have more exciting news.

Cisco U. will release a new Service Provider Cloud Network Infrastructure Learning Path around April 2024. This training promises to deliver real-world practical knowledge and skills essential for mastering the SPCNI exam domains.  

Get Cisco Certified in Service Provider Cloud Networking 

If you’re considering pursuing the new Service Provider Cloud Network Infrastructure certification, here are some tips for certification exam success: 

  • Download the SPCNI exam topics and thoroughly review the technology areas. 
  • Set a deadline for your exam to stay focused. 
  • Engage with the Cisco Learning Network for valuable insights and community support. 
  • Explore free training resources and documentation from Cisco Learning and Certifications.  
  • Keep an eye out for upcoming Cisco U. training—this might just be your secret weapon. 

Cisco’s Service Provider Cloud Network Infrastructure certification is more than just a qualification—it’s your ticket to mastering cloud networking and staying ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of service provider technologies.  

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