August 12, 2021


Grandson of FISMA: Why We Desperately Need New Cybersecurity Legislation from the 117th Congress

4 min read

Congress is considering reform of FISMA legislation, and this blog is intended to provide insights and recommendations and inform.

April 14, 2021


Telemetry and AI/ML-Driven Wireless Advances

1 min read

Two Papers by Cisco Engineers address how wireless telemetry and deep learning models can significantly improve wireless performance.

November 6, 2018


Question the Limit of your Opportunity

4 min read

Aditi traveled with Cisco’s CTO David Ward to London during the Executive Shadow Program. Here are the 3 lessons he taught her that will last a lifetime.

June 30, 2015


Intercloud Microservices with Docker and Nirmata

2 min read

At Cisco Intercloud CTO Innovation Center, innovative vendors are selected to integrate and build cloud services for customer and market trials. We combine the world’s best ISVs with Cisco’s best...

Observations from the NGMN 5G Industry Conference

3 min read

Cisco asks the industry to think aggressively and to accept risks when it comes to 5G planning. I was fortunate to attend the NGMN 5G Industry Conference in Frankfurt Germany March 24-25th. And while Frankfurt in March is a bit chilly for this Florida-boy, the conference was interesting and certainly well worth an investment of […]

January 28, 2015


Cloud Managed Networking is the “Easy Button” for the Network

2 min read

Let me start with a few ideas that should be pretty uncontroversial: Digitization is transforming even the most old-school industries. Who would have thought the taxi cab business would get turned on its head by an app? The old way of doing IT—where every company builds and maintains its own vast infrastructure—is going to change. […]

February 21, 2013


Cisco Hospitality and MGM partner to deliver keynote at HTNG

As our team prepares to attend Hotel Technology Next Generation’s (HTNG) North American Conference next week in Atlanta, we are excited to have one of our very own as the keynote...

February 4, 2013


Connected Shoppers: Cisco CTO Bob Friday at NRF

Mobile devices have gone mainstream, and shoppers have become to rely on smart phones for their primary source of information while making a purchase decision. Bob Friday, Cisco CTO in the Wireless Networking Group, presents on connecting shoppers through mobility and shares highlights from his Big Ideas session at the National Retail Conference in January.