Cisco Meraki Cloud Managed IT Challenge

December 15, 2023


Simplifying IT for Better Experiences

4 min read

In today’s increasingly complex and fragmented technology landscape, organizations must deliver experiences that are reliable, secure, and seamless.

February 12, 2015


IT Made Simple: Take the Meraki Challenge

2 min read

Simple: not a word that you generally associate with IT and network management – until now. At Cisco Live Milan, we introduced a Cloud-Managed IT solution based on Cisco Meraki, and showed over 8,000 Cisco customers and partners how easy IT management can be. It’s so easy, that practically anyone with a basic understanding of the […]

January 28, 2015


Cloud Managed Networking is the “Easy Button” for the Network

2 min read

Let me start with a few ideas that should be pretty uncontroversial: Digitization is transforming even the most old-school industries. Who would have thought the taxi cab business would get turned on its head by an app? The old way of doing IT—where every company builds and maintains its own vast infrastructure—is going to change. […]