Aditi Gupta

Software Engineer

Network Services - Overlays

Aditi Gupta is a Software Engineer graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and uses her education to help Cisco progress towards a network propelled by software. She joined Cisco as a College New Hire in the Summer of 2017 and is currently employed in IT’s Global Infrastructure organization under Network Services. Since joining the company, Cisco has involved herself in the Early Career Network and Connected Women EROs. She has participated in the Executive Shadow Program and actively works to engage new hires and interns within IT.

Outside of work, Aditi is a dancer and loves to travel. You can find her hiking mountains or lounging on rugged NorCal beaches in her free time.


November 6, 2018


Question the Limit of your Opportunity

4 min read

Aditi traveled with Cisco’s CTO David Ward to London during the Executive Shadow Program. Here are the 3 lessons he taught her that will last a lifetime.