May 1, 2024


Beyond visibility, there’s observability

4 min read

Full-stack observability offers comprehensive monitoring, tracking, and analysis of applications, their dependencies and related infrastructure across all layers and components to gain real-time insights into application performance. Read the IDC Blueprint for an observability platform.

February 2, 2024


Redefining the IT war room with end-to-end observability

5 min read

Without the right tools, the IT War Room can't solve application issues rapidly and efficiently. Customer Digital Experience Monitoring (CDEM) changes everything.

August 24, 2022


DevOps in Action! – How We Built the DevDash Demo

14 min read

See how we built a bare metal, portable Kubernetes cluster with Raspberry Pis... used the FARM framework to implement a client/server web application... and built and published docker containers to build a real microservices-based application.

June 8, 2022


“Cloud Unfiltered” Podcast: Understanding API Gateways

6 min read

API gateways help developers create applications that make services functionality simple, automated, and agile. Learn how API gateways help developers make back-end requests simple and orderly while minimizing latency.

May 17, 2022


Learnings from Implementing Microservices Authorization

3 min read

Cisco's DevRel engineering team has been developing applications as microservices, and running these on a Kubernetes based Cloud Native platform, for 5+ years. Read about their journey and learn the challenges and benefits of different microservices authorization patterns.

Economic Benefits of Virtualizing the CCAP Core with a Microservices Based Architecture

3 min read

Begin the next phase of your network’s transformation by virtualizing your headends with Cisco cloud-native Broadband Router (cnBR).

August 20, 2020


Cloud-Native SD-WAN: The WAN Your Kubernetes Applications Deserve

5 min read

Cisco just introduced a project to improve SD-WAN and Kubernetes integration: Cloud-Native SD-WAN

August 3, 2020


Cisco ACI Integrates with HashiCorp Consul For Secure and Easier-to-Operate Microservices

3 min read

The change in how people are working today means the architectures of business applications and the networks that support them are changing too. The move from traditional, monolithic application architectures to modern, hyperconnected microservices architecture has accelerated. With it, we are seeing apps increasingly spanning multi-cloud data center environments, including on-prem data centers, instead of […]

January 29, 2020


How Bosch made innovation faster for a connected world

3 min read

Digital Transformation calls for the right combination of people, process and technology. Read how Bosch bridged the gap between what the business needs and what the network delivers. Bosch made innovation faster for a connected world.