Monetizing 5G – How Service Providers Can Get it Right

5 min read

Discover the challenges faced by Service Providers today, and how Cisco can help you resolve them on the path to 5G.

3 Pathways to NFV Success … or How to Tame the NFV / SDN Monster

2 min read

On your journey to NFV transformation, you may often feel you cannot escape your own personal Hades. We researched how your service provider peers are taming the monstrous challenges.

Observations from the NGMN 5G Industry Conference

3 min read

Cisco asks the industry to think aggressively and to accept risks when it comes to 5G planning. I was fortunate to attend the NGMN 5G Industry Conference in Frankfurt Germany March 24-25th. And while Frankfurt in March is a bit chilly for this Florida-boy, the conference was interesting and certainly well worth an investment of […]