MWC 2015

Observations from the NGMN 5G Industry Conference

3 min read

Cisco asks the industry to think aggressively and to accept risks when it comes to 5G planning. I was fortunate to attend the NGMN 5G Industry Conference in Frankfurt Germany March 24-25th. And while Frankfurt in March is a bit chilly for this Florida-boy, the conference was interesting and certainly well worth an investment of […]

Observations from Mobile World Congress 2015

6 min read

I have just returned from a very interesting and jammed-packed week at Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona. A record 93,000 plus people are estimated to have attended...

How the Intercloud Empowers Mobility Intelligence for Service Providers

2 min read

When I talk to service providers around the world, many of them tell me how difficult it is to capture intelligent information about their customers’ mobile usage, including...

Cisco and Street-Artist Zosen Team Up for Mural at Mobile World Congress 2015

1 min read

Cisco and Street-Artist Zosen Team Up for Mural at Mobile World Congress 2015 We are putting a focus on visual experiences at Mobile World Congress 2015 (MWC 2015) this week...

Great video for All! See How At Mobile World Congress

1 min read

Have you ever watched a video on your phone or tablet, only to have the video stop and start? While I was traveling out to here to Mobile World Congress,...

Voice Calls from Any Mobile Device – It’s Happening Now

1 min read

Like most kids, my children love to call their grandparents and tell them about what is happening at school. We are lucky that we have a great home POTS voice...

February 27, 2015


Ready for Mobile World Congress Hot Topics

2 min read

As I board the plane ready for the long flights to Barcelona, I’m excited and energised by the prospective of around 100 APAC customer meetings and Cisco technology demos. Hopefully...