Roland Plett

Industry Lead

Oil & Gas and Mining

Roland leads the Oil & Gas and Mining solutions practice at Cisco Systems. In that role he brings together the products of Cisco and its partners in the Oil & Gas and Mining industries. He loves moving valuable business data from the dirtiest and most hazardous environments on earth to the operator screens and OT applications of Cisco customers. Over the last 25 years Roland has been an active part of the data networking industry including 8 years at Bell Canada and 13 years at Cisco Systems. In the last 5 years Roland has participated in multiple energy and mining infrastructure projects for OT customers around the world. These customers include oil producers, gold mines, and international pipeline companies. His most significant challenges have been designing wireless solutions for autonomous vehicles and bringing together converged secure networks for multiple OT stakeholders. Roland has achieved this by working alongside OT partners who are trusted by OT buyers and may be new to Cisco solutions.


Remote Operations in Oil & Gas

Operators continue to struggle with achieving remote asset operations. The good news is, Cisco has an ecosystem of partners that can collectivey deliver both a remote operation center experience, as well as a full hybrid work experience.

Autonomous Operations in Mining

Cisco’s infrastructure solutions are a critical part of an autonomous mining solution. Two practical ways that Cisco technology makes autonomous projects more successful is through reliable wireless coverage and broad instrumentation partnerships.

Artificial Intelligence in Oil & Gas

Trend Overview  In 2021, Schlumberger identified their use of AI in oil & gas reduced non-productive time by around 30% and increased performance and efficiency by approximately 30%. They also shared more dramatic anecdotes, but 30% as a general stat is quite impressive.  Mckinsey, in their 2021 state of AI report, identifies the most dramatic […]

Artificial Intelligence in Mining

Trend Overview  In 2022, one of our mining customers announced they had recently leveraged technology initiatives to realize over $1B in annual benefit. More than 75% of the benefits were related to data, machine learning, and automation. Although machine learning is only one part of artificial intelligence, it is a critical one in mining operations.  […]

Workforce Transition in the Mining Industry

Trend Overview Today’s mining industry is on the edge of a big change in their workforce. Approximately 25% of mining employees are over the age of 55. This signals a major employee transition in the near future. So what are mining companies doing about this workforce transition and how can technology play a role in […]

Workforce Transition in the Energy Industry

Trend Overview  Today’s oil & gas industry is experiencing serious challenges attracting the workers they need. The 2022 Global Energy Talent Index identifies that 20% of the workforce is above the age of 55 and 82% of workers would consider leaving oil & gas for another energy industry. So what are oil & gas companies […]

Secure Energy Operations

Oil & Gas companies have a very diverse collection of assets for their pipeline, plant, and production operations so asset inventory and visibility is foundational to strong security.

Secure Mine Operations

Mining companies have a very diverse collection of assets for their above ground and underground operations so asset inventory and visibility is foundational to strong security.

Building Relationships Along the Mining Supply Chain

The experience of today’s mining customer is a complex digital relationship that involves integrated transaction flows and marketing or retail channels. We explore three ways that mining companies engage their customers and how Cisco technology and services can optimize this experience.