Cisco Live US 2024 brought together over 21,000 professionals, business leaders, and partners from around the world to discuss the latest trends, technologies, and solutions in the networking and communications industry.

As AI took center stage throughout the week, I was able to share the implications its advancement is having on the manufacturing industry, specifically how intelligent Industrial IoT networks are enabling manufacturers to reduce their downtime, increase their production throughput and improve their overall equipment effectiveness, while improving networking operations and reducing their total cost of ownership.

During my Product and Solution Overview session, A Foundation for AI and ML: Cisco Intelligent Industrial IoT Network Drives Uptime, Yield, Security, and Revenue I detailed the evolution of AI and ML in network automation, asset visibility, and threat defense for manufacturers. Check out the full session or read the highlights below.

Intro slide for Cisco Live presentation, "A Foundation for AI and ML: Cisco Intelligent Industrial IoT Network

AI in Network Ops

By utilizing AI-driven insights and machine learning, Cisco’s Catalyst Center can detect and prioritize issues before they impact users, automate routine tasks, and provide actionable intelligence to network administrators. Benefits include:

  • Constant monitor of network and devices for up-to-date visibility
  • AI/ML and machine reasoning for root cause analysis, to find anomalies instantly
  • Correlated insights with telemetry data to accurately pinpoint root cause
  • Guided remediation allows for single-click resolution, allowing machine reasoning automation to close the loop

AI in Application Ops

Through AI-powered analytics and automation, Cisco’s application-centric infrastructure can dynamically adapt to application behavior, predict potential performance bottlenecks, and automatically adjust resources to meet demand. This intelligent approach to application management helps manufacturers:

  • Connect IT teams to business results via user experience visibility to lower their total cost of ownership
  • Monitor application performance and correlate it to application infrastructure to optimize business uptime
  • Monitor the performance of traditional, hosted hybrid apps, and microservices-based cloud native applications

Manufacturers can revolutionize the way they observe, secure, and optimize applications with Cisco Full-Stack Observability.

AI in Security Ops

Another level of automated visibility in your industrial network is provided via Cisco Cyber Vision which enables full visibility into the security posture of your OT assets. At a time when AI sits at the forefront of manufacturing innovation, forty-eight percent of manufacturers surveyed in a Deloitte survey identified operational risks, including cyberattacks, as the greatest danger to their smart factory initiatives. The integration of AI enhances Cisco’s security solutions to proactively identify and mitigate these potential threats, so IT and OT teams can work together to maintain a robust and adaptive defense against the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats.

To learn more about the use cases and architectures that are making a difference in manufacturing, check out the

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Carlos Rojas

Global Industry Lead