Cisco XDR

June 13, 2024


Operationalizing our custom “SOC in a Box” at the RSA Conference 2024

8 min read

Cisco engineers often face the challenge of setting up a Security Operations Center in two days at global events. Aditya Sankar explains the process with our “SOC in a Box” in this blog.

June 6, 2024


Securing Meraki Networks with Cisco XDR

3 min read

Discover how the Cisco XDR and Meraki MX integration provides advanced threat detection and network insights. Join us at Cisco Live 2024 for a demo.

Cisco Security at Cisco Live 2024: Innovating at Scale

5 min read

No matter how reliable and performant your network is, it doesn’t matter if it’s not secure. To help make the world a safer place, we need to reimagine security.

June 3, 2024


XDR means so much more than some may realize

3 min read

Discover how Cisco XDR redefines security with integrated tools, AI-driven threat detection, and rapid response to solve real-world problems for the SOC

May 20, 2024


Strengthen Your Security Operations: MITRE ATT&CK Mapping in Cisco XDR

2 min read

Discover how Cisco XDR's MITRE ATT&CK mapping strengthens your security operations. Learn to identify security gaps and improve your cybersecurity posture.

May 17, 2024


Accessing Secure Client Cloud Management after the SecureX EoL

2 min read

Secure Client Management capabilities aren’t going away with the SecureX EOL, the functionality is simply migrating to the Cisco Security Cloud Control service.

May 6, 2024


RSAC: Partners Make The Art of Possible, Possible

3 min read

Get the download on everything you to know as a #CiscoPartner for #RSAC24. Learn how you can engage with us onsite as well as get the resources you need to learn all about the exciting innovations we will be announcing.