Cisco XDR

November 21, 2023


Detecting Obfuscated Command-lines with a Large Language Model

Obfuscation is often used by adversaries to avoid detection. This article describes a new approach to detect obfuscation using Large Language Models.

November 8, 2023


Introducing Cisco Breach Protection, Delivering Complete Detection and Response of MITRE ATT&CK TTP’s

With the increasing complexity of cyberattacks, it's important for SOC teams to have comprehensive coverage of MITRE ATT&CK tactics, techniques, and procedures. Here's how Cisco technology can help you achieve this goal.

October 11, 2023


The New Normal: How XDR is Tackling Social Engineering in Today’s World

Learn how the rise of XDR technology has allowed organizations to better defend themselves against social engineering attacks.

September 1, 2023


From Frustration to Clarity: Embracing Progressive Disclosure in Security Design

Learn how Cisco XDR uses progressive disclosure to reduce the cognitive load on users, helping them to focus on high priority incidents.

August 10, 2023


A More Resilient Future with Automated Ransomware Recovery

Learn how a team of Principal Engineers at Cisco embarked on a journey towards automating ransomware recovery.

August 1, 2023


From Risk to Resilience: Ransomware Recovery with Cisco XDR and Cohesity

Discover how Cisco XDR enables SOC teams to detect, snapshot, and restore business-critical data at the very first sign of ransomware.

June 22, 2023


Mastering the Hunt: Five Ways XDR Enhances Threat Hunting Strategies

Discover how combining threat hunting with XDR can enhance your organization's security posture and your ability to detect and respond to potential threats.