July 24, 2022


The Wireless Mine Site

Trend Overview Wireless technology has been a critical part of every mine site for years. However, choosing which type of wireless has become more complex with the choices of Wifi, LTE, 5G, LoRaWAN, and multiple fixed wireless or mesh options. This document will position each of these technologies for their most valuable use cases so […]

June 22, 2022


Autonomous Operations in Mining

Cisco’s infrastructure solutions are a critical part of an autonomous mining solution. Two practical ways that Cisco technology makes autonomous projects more successful is through reliable wireless coverage and broad instrumentation partnerships.

Industrial and Critical Infrastructure Sessions at Cisco Live 2022

This blog was co-authored by Patricia Kelley. After almost three years, we are thrilled to welcome you back to Las Vegas for Cisco Live 2022, where we invite you to go ALL IN with us! Join us in person in Las Vegas (June 12-16), or tune in digitally for free (June 13-16). Cisco Live 2022 […]

Artificial Intelligence in Mining

Trend Overview  In 2022, one of our mining customers announced they had recently leveraged technology initiatives to realize over $1B in annual benefit. More than 75% of the benefits were related to data, machine learning, and automation. Although machine learning is only one part of artificial intelligence, it is a critical one in mining operations.  […]

Cut through the noise: find the best fit for your industrial wireless needs

Wireless technologies have their uses in every industrial setting. Your use case determines if Wi-Fi 6 and 6E, public and private 5G, or ultra-reliable wireless backhaul is your best choice.

April 26, 2022


Workforce Transition in the Mining Industry

Trend Overview Today’s mining industry is on the edge of a big change in their workforce. Approximately 25% of mining employees are over the age of 55. This signals a major employee transition in the near future. So what are mining companies doing about this workforce transition and how can technology play a role in […]

April 21, 2022


Cisco’s Ultra-Reliable Wireless Backhaul a Home Run for GM, Manufacturing Customers

As countries invest in their critical infrastructure, Ultra-Reliable Wireless Backhaul is opening new ways to deliver and use intelligence embedded within that infrastructure to deliver business outcomes.