Sue-Lynn Hinson

Portfolio Manager

Cisco Crisis Response

Sue-Lynn Hinson is a grant portfolio manager on Cisco's Crisis Response team, focused on supporting non-profits with early-stage technology-driven initiatives to address issues around food insecurity, access to clean water, inadequate shelter, and disaster relief. Previously she served for ten years on Cisco’s deployment team (formerly known as TacOps) which deploys people and equipment to provide secure IP-based emergency communications solutions for crisis relief and humanitarian agencies; she has worked in the field at several disasters across the globe. A graduate of Cornell University, Sue-Lynn has spent her entire career in technology, working in the aerospace, telecommunications, and computer networking industries. Driven by a strong desire to help those in need, Sue-Lynn also served for 20 years as a volunteer firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician and is currently active with other volunteer disaster response efforts. Her job at Cisco enables her to combine both passions, and leverage technology to help people!


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