Steve Cox

Senior Director, Global Customer Success

Digital Experience and Analytics

Steve Cox is the Senior Director of Global Customer Success, Digital Experience and Analytics at Cisco. A passionate leader with a track record of excellence, his innovative and impactful team delivers the data and analytics as well as the end to end digital platform it fuels to automate the customer journey from adoption, to expansion, to renewal maximizing each touch point’s opportunity to build a customer for life.

Steve’s marketing and management experience spans two decades, including 14 years with Cisco. His extensive experience in services marketing, development and portfolio management includes a key role in establishing the Smart Foundation framework and developing the Smart Care services offering, one of the cornerstones of Cisco Services’ vision. His team built the Annuity Advantage marketing program that generated $126M of Sales Qualified Leads this past year and is being used as the platform for all Cisco’s Annuities business going forward, including the expansion of the program that enables partners to digitally manage the entire post-sale customer experience.

Most recently, Steve has been part of the select team chartered with developing the strategy and approach for the newly announced Global Customer Success organization that has transformed Cisco Services’ go-to-market in order to drive and sustain long-term growth, while expanding and strengthening customer and partner relationships.

Steve’s team has won eight industry awards (ITSMA) in the last five years demonstrating marketing excellence in the areas of Building Client Loyalty and Trust; Enabling Sales Channels; Generating and Nurturing Leads; Improving Impact with Marketing Technology and Analytics; and, most recently, in Capitalizing on Marketing’s New Tools and Technologies.

Steve holds an undergraduate degree in Communications from UC Santa Barbara and an MBA, with a focus in International Business and Finance, from Santa Clara University. An avid traveler and sporting enthusiast, he lives with his beautiful wife and two great kids in San Diego, CA.


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