Curt Hill

Senior Vice President

Customer Assurance

Curt Hill is Senior Vice President of Customer Assurance (CA), a global customer experience group that provides the highest level of escalation support to resolve Cisco’s most complex and critical customer issues. Curt is also responsible for customer listening and data protection, investigating and reporting Cisco product security vulnerabilities and overseeing regulatory requirements and industry certifications.

During his 20+ year tenure at Cisco, Curt has developed advanced technology solutions, simplified complex business issues, strengthened stakeholder alliances, and built collaborative cross-functional teams. A strong customer advocate, strategist, growth driver, and change agent, he is adept at anticipating problems, averting crisis situations, and implementing creative solutions to resolve issues and exceed customer expectations.

Curt joined Cisco as a customer support engineer then went on to lead several global technical support organizations. Under his leadership, these teams launched new support models and services for Cisco’s global service provider and enterprise customers.

Prior to leading the CA organization, Curt held various leadership roles at Cisco, planning, developing, and managing technology and business services. He developed and transitioned multiple services models from free to fee-based and created and implemented premier services for top tier customers in global service provider and enterprise markets.

An active participant in inclusion and collaboration initiatives within Cisco and in the industry, Curt is a member of the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) Workforce Alliance program and participates in Cisco’s Connected Women program.

Before joining Cisco, Curt held positions with Hewlett-Packard, Novell, and AT&T. He earned a master’s in computer science and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix and is a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert and Certified Novell Engineer. He sits on the San Jose State University Engineering Industry Advisory Council and is an active member of SSPA, CXPA, TSIA, and Field Services.


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