Cisco Impact

November 28, 2023


From Vacation to Volunteer: How Hawaii Has Our Hearts and Our Help

2 min read

When fire ignited during Technical Solutions Architect Rick B.'s family vacation, they joined in to help the Hawaii they love, knowing Cisco had their backs.

September 7, 2023


Embracing Authentic Connections in a Digital World to Rise Above the Competition

3 min read

The full might of Cisco's energy was on display at IMPACT, resonating with strength and an unyielding determination to win. We stand in the perfect position not only to strive but to thrive, as evidenced by the remarkable progress, collaborative efforts, and concrete roadmaps that are already shaping our future.

August 31, 2020


The Latest and Greatest from Cisco IMPACT in Financial Services

2 min read

With Cisco IMPACT in the rearview mirror, discover the key takeaways from the virtual event and uncover the newest focuses in financial services.

August 24, 2020


Reimagine what’s possible for our customers and partners at Cisco IMPACT

4 min read

At Cisco IMPACT, our entire global sales team, along with our Cisco executives and business leaders, come together to learn, strategize, celebrate, and innovate. Learn how Customer Experience is at the top of Cisco’s strategy re-imagining the possibilities for our customers and partners.

December 12, 2019


Why I’m Thankful for a Broken Bone

4 min read

On the night before flying out to the United States for Cisco IMPACT, Nish dropped her laptop on her foot -- she wouldn't find out that she had broken her foot until 12+ hours later. Here's how her team helped her, and what she learned along the way!

September 6, 2019


Flex your Service Provider Sales Muscle and Get Ready for FY20!

2 min read

Never have our Service Provider customers faced bigger challenges. In a world where end-users demand faster, better, cheaper, new technologies are coming in thick and fast; the cloud and 5G to name just two, squeezing margins and profitability.

August 29, 2019


Cisco IMPACT 2019: Partners as Force Multipliers

1 min read

Our first-ever Cisco IMPACT highlighted the importance of our partner ecosystem. Learn more about the event, including Oliver Tuszik's breakout session and what partners had to say...

August 22, 2019


Contributing to Charity on the Road to IMPACT

3 min read

Our servicemen and women give a great deal for our freedom. Join us in returning the favor. 78 people have donated already!

September 14, 2016


The Inevitability of Perpetual Contracts

5 min read

The concept of no-touch automated bookings is a very straightforward one: How do we reduce the need to “touch” or spend time and energy on the low-dollar contracts that we renew in the market? How do you enable a sales team to focus on the larger revenue opportunities and still drive solid renewal capture in […]