Cisco DevNet

May 26, 2020


Take Your IOS XR Skills to the Next Level

If you want to get started on automating your deployments by leveraging open APIs in XR7, attend this June 4 DevNet Day session. We'll share code samples and documentation.

May 21, 2020


Explore Cisco IoT Tech at DevNet Day – June 4th

Learn how to securely connect devices, compute at the edge, and extract/move data in your distributed environment, so you can get maximum value from your digitization initiatives.

May 20, 2020


Using Advanced Velocity Templates in Cisco DNA Center – Part 4

Velocity is a template programming language used in Cisco DNA Center. Part 4 focuses on passing in structured data to templates, something mainly applicable to API calls.

May 20, 2020


Data Center Networking Is Coming to DevNet Day

Got "learn network programmability and automation" on your To-Do list?... Start now with the Data Center Networking Track at DevNet Day on June 4th. Make the infrastructure agile, flexible, and secure enough to handle today's demanding workloads.

May 19, 2020


Tune In to DevNet Day at Cisco Live Digital

Join us on June 4th! Choose your Cisco technology of interest...ask us our experts...and learn about what the DevNet community offers.

May 18, 2020


Network Automation and Programmability with Cisco Open NX-OS – Part 3

See how a consistent, model-driven software interface, combined with an API that makes that data model available to the outside world, lets you manage network automation at scale.

May 13, 2020


Business Continuity Series: Collaboration Solutions

Explore demos, use cases, and code to see how companies and industries are bringing human connection to digital interactions using collaboration tools and automation.

May 12, 2020


Take a Deep Dive into the New SD-WAN DevNet Sandbox

Getting hands-on with Cisco SD-WAN will help you with key parts of exams for several Cisco certifications. Register for the May 26th webinar.

May 11, 2020


Using Advanced Velocity Templates in Cisco DNA Center – Part 3

In part 3 of the series, see how to use interactive commands in velocity templates in Cisco DNA Center.