The promise of IMPACT 2023 has been fulfilled, and its message rings clear in our ears: this is our moment. It’s time to surge ahead of the competition, break free from the pack, and seize the lead. We have not just permission but a mandate to succeed—and an obligation to (and with) our esteemed partners.

That’s precisely what we are doing. The full might of Cisco’s energy was on display at IMPACT, resonating with strength and an unyielding determination to win. We stand in the perfect position not only to strive but to thrive, as evidenced by the remarkable progress, collaborative efforts, and concrete roadmaps that are already shaping our future. The well-oiled machinery of Cisco—the brilliance of our talent and partners—has undeniably been hard at work, propelling us into a new era of growth.

Among the many takeaways from IMPACT, the notion reverberated about genuine connections as a key source to our momentous progress. Perhaps there’s something serendipitous about the timely message, given this month celebrates both National Day of Encouragement and National IT Professionals Day.

Embracing Humanity in a Digital World

Among the themes at IMPACT was the notion of “being human.” Although it may sound lofty, it serves as a humble reminder to refocus on creating experiences that resonate with people’s core purpose. In our now normal hybrid work environment, the once-distinct lines between “work” and “life” have blurred, daily routines have outpaced our own speed, and digital communication implies a sense of transactional immediacy. While Cisco excels at innovating agile technology to manage even the most intricate tasks, we must not forget that the human experience thrives on the most fundamental element: genuine social connection. After all, more than 93 percent of all communication is nonverbal, making meaningful interactions even that much more critical to success.

The Significance of “Why”

While we take immense pride in the fact that many of Global Partner Engineering’s programs and initiatives involve collaborating with partners, ranging from partner feedback loops to co-innovation and co-ideation, the “being human” theme at IMPACT echoed profoundly. It underscores the importance of what we’re already excelling at and compels us to reflect on our “why,” igniting ideas to further enhance the symbiotic success we have with partners and customers.

At its core, our “why” is about making someone else’s life better. It’s an immensely powerful concept, one that’s entirely achievable in our everyday experiences. As discussed across various IMPACT stages, when we are imbued with the mindset to assist others, we naturally step forward to care for each other. In practical terms, especially within the complexity of Cisco’s cross-functional, multifaceted, global team approach, the authenticity of being human emerges as the winning strategy time and again.

Fostering Authentic Connections for Innovative Solutions

At Cisco, we boast the best teams, lead in innovation, and possess the industry’s most comprehensive and complete portfolio. This potent combination, aligned with our crystal-clear vision and unwavering ambition, sets the stage for an electrifying future for Cisco, our partners, and our shared customers to compete with even greater vigor. From our robust product and platform strategies to the infusion of AI throughout the portfolio, to the progress in orchestration, integration, and automation, it’s evident that partner collaboration and technology are not only on the right course, but that Cisco is forging ahead as a technology trailblazer and market leader.

Embracing a More Collaborative Future

Reaching and surpassing this point requires innovative teamwork. Internal teams are increasingly converging, exemplified by the innovative strides sales and development teams in addressing specific customer challenges. This success hinges on the strength of our connection with our partners, a point consistently emphasized at IMPACT. Partners are not just necessary; they are the core of our business strategy as we boldly venture into new routes to market.

As we relentlessly pursue staying at the forefront of technological advancements, the power of co-innovation with our esteemed partners will ensure we tackle the ever-evolving industry challenges. Our collaborative journey, exploring “what if” scenarios and transforming possibilities into tangible realities, consistently leads to superior outcomes that unlock partners’ full potential and that of our mutual customers. Only by seamlessly combining Cisco’s robust technology stack with partners’ industry-specific knowledge and domain expertise can we create groundbreaking solutions that shape the future.

And only if we continue strengthening the outcomes with our partners will we continue turning the page to all that is possible.


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Alex Pujols

VP of Global Partner Engineering

Global Partner Sales