This week we hosted the first-ever Cisco IMPACT, formerly known as GSX, in Las Vegas. With more than 18,000 attendees and over 98 countries represented, Cisco executive leadership was there to deliver messages on company strategy, industry updates, competitive insights and much more. All to leave our field teams informed, inspired and energized for the new fiscal year ahead.

As we look back at the event-filled week, it’s hard to overlook the massive role that ‘partner’ played on main stage and in breakout sessions this year. But that’s not a surprise to most. With higher quotas and extreme competitive pressures and customers who are looking for new, next-gen capabilities, field teams everywhere are facing new obstacles. Obstacles that require a new plan of attack.

This is where Cisco rises to the top. This is where we unleash one of our greatest assets – our partners.

Our 68,000+ (and counting) Cisco Partner Ecosystem represents the best and the brightest in the industry. They are creating powerful customer relationships – and solutions – that play to the strengths of our field. And our partners are motivated now more than ever to work with our field. Especially with all-new incentives and specializations like the Lifecycle Incentives Program and Customer Experience Specialization, released earlier this week.

During his breakout session, A Force Multiplier to Help You Win: Expand Your Sales Plays with Partners, Oliver Tuszik spoke of this industry-wide transformation in our sales cycles, and thus reinventing the partner equation to reach new heights with our customers. And the response from our nearly 700 attendees has been astounding.

“Best Partner session I have ever attended compared to past GSXs. Oliver rocks!”

“Great session for any AMs doubting in partners power”

“Absolutely phenomenal… This session blew all out of the water!”

Partners are the bridge between our fields’ goals and our customers’ needs. And that story is just beginning. Check out some of our partners who’s stories have already begun with us.


McCall Moore

Marketing Specialist

Global Partner Marketing