Nish Parkar

Media Account Manager


Nish Parkar received her BSc Business Administration First Class Honors from the University of Bath School of Management, and joined Cisco in 2015 as a Worldwide Sales Intern. Since then, she has been passionate about Cisco technology and how it can solve business problems in new ways. Currently, Nish works in Cisco’s Global Service Provider (GSP) Organization as an Account Manager, managing Media & Broadcast customers in the UK. Demonstrating her broad skillset, Nish covers Cisco’s entire portfolio, whilst embracing her niche knowledge of the Media industry.

Since completing the Cisco Sales Associate Programme (CSAP) in 2017, Nish has already made an impact through volunteering, participating on speaker panels, and contributing to Cisco’s innovative culture. Additionally, Nish co-leads Cisco’s wellbeing initiative, CiscoPavelka, in the Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia regions. CiscoPavelka strives to improve employee wellbeing and encourages people to embrace true health and find better work-life balance. She is also passionate about giving back to the community, and invests significant time to promote Women in Technology and STEM in schools and colleges.

In December 2017, Nish was recognized as Cisco EMEARs ‘Up and Coming Talent’ and was presented with an award by GSP EMEARs Senior Vice President. Nish was also recently featured as CSAP Alumni of the Quarter, and was nominated to interview Cisco’s Executive Leadership Team on stage at Cisco’s annual Sales kick-off where 20,000+ Cisco employees attend every year.

In March 2018, Nish was selected among 70,000 Cisco employees to serve as 1 of 15 global People Deal Ambassadors. This honor granted Nish the opportunity to share her powerful voice with Cisco’s most senior leaders at the company’s annual Executive Summit in California, in which she was given the platform to positively influence Cisco’s culture.

Nish’s key strengths include her versatile communication skills, emotional intelligence, public speaking, and dynamic leadership. She is most energized when working with high impact teams to drive change for the better. It is evident that Nish is passionate about people and is a well-rounded leader. She prides herself on three key values: kindness, respect and doing what is right.

Nish’s other hobbies include consumer gadgets, social entrepreneurship, travel, food (cooking and eating!), boxing and running.


December 12, 2019


Why I’m Thankful for a Broken Bone

4 min read

On the night before flying out to the United States for Cisco IMPACT, Nish dropped her laptop on her foot -- she wouldn't find out that she had broken her foot until 12+ hours later. Here's how her team helped her, and what she learned along the way!

February 22, 2019


Changing the World with my Culture Ambassador Family

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Nish shares how the Culture Ambassadors came together again to work on Our Principles, and what this opportunity means to her.

January 25, 2019


When I Grow Up (More) I Want to Be…

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What does Nish want to be when she grows up (more) - she shares her journey and how Cisco has helped along the way.

June 7, 2018


I am Human. We are Cisco.

3 min read

What's a 1:1 like with Chief Marketing Officer Karen Walker? Nish P. shares what they talked about and what she learned.