Julio Fernandez

Marketing Manager

Cisco DevNet

I began my career in 1992. Founder of a successful dotcom company in the mid 90s with its obligatory IPO before the dotcom crash.

Online news editor and senior Web producer in the late 90s for Miami.com, Herald.com and elHerald.com with The Miami Herald Publishing Company. A global marketing manager with Oracle, senior partner with Ogilvy & Mather, and a search marketing and social outreach manager with IBM.

I am now helping developers learn the latest Cisco APIs and technologies. Visit developer.cisco.com for more information.


June 9, 2022


Get Your POAP NFT at the Cisco Live DevNet Zone

Visit the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live and "mint" your very own official Proof of Attendance (POAP) NFT token.

November 23, 2021


Open source cloud native visibility tool for APIs

APIClarity, an open source cloud native visibility tool for APIs, utilizes a Service Mesh framework to capture and analyze API traffic, and identify potential risks.

November 10, 2021


IT Training and Employment Programs

Join DuAn Lightfoot for a live conversation on how Cisco DevNet, certifications, internships, and more can help advance your career.

August 26, 2021


Automation Nation ~ Live Twitter Spaces Conversation

Have questions for our Twitter Spaces conversation? Let us know with the tag #DevNetLIVE and join us every Thursday at 4:00 pm PDT

November 16, 2019


DevNet Create Call for Speakers

We are looking for people eager to learn and innovate. From beginners to experts. First-timers to seasoned pros. The developers, the experts, the leaders. We're looking for people just like you to inspire us all... to See It. Learn it. Code it.

August 22, 2019


Contributing to Charity on the Road to IMPACT

Our servicemen and women give a great deal for our freedom. Join us in returning the favor. 78 people have donated already!

March 10, 2019


SXSW 2019: How to Contribute to Ansible

Books, podcasts and videos are good, but nothing is better than a developer's step-by-step walk-through of their own personal Ansible contribution experience.

February 23, 2019


Webinar: Embracing Cloud Services and APIs with Meraki

Join us as we discuss and demonstrate ways in which Meraki cloud APIs are being used from custom monitoring and analytics to automating network provisioning.

June 9, 2018


DevNet Zone at Cisco Live 2018

Take a look at some of the photos from the Cisco Live US DevNet Zone.