Julio Fernandez

Marketing Manager

Cisco DevNet

With a career spanning 25 years in the marketing industry, I have gained a wealth of experience driving the success of various ventures, from nurturing small start-ups to leading global campaigns for top brands. For the past five years, I have been a manager with Cisco Systems, first in their developer relations team and now with Cisco Learning & Certifications, responsible for tracking and analyzing training and certification data and evaluating the effectiveness of our marketing programs. I work with various groups within Cisco, such as product development, sales, marketing, and customer support. I have a proven track record of driving growth and innovation for companies such as IBM, Oracle Corporation, and Ogilvy & Mather. One of my proudest professional accomplishments was back in 2010, helping a global brand navigate crisis management during one of the most significant environmental disasters. I am a skilled strategic thinker and thought leader in digital marketing. I use data and analytics to inform my decisions and have a wealth of experience working with cutting-edge tools such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality. I have experience working with various stakeholders, from C-level executives to front-line employees. My diverse marketing background enables me to become a versatile and dynamic marketing professional who can navigate the ever-changing landscape and deliver outstanding results. I specialize in helping brands with brand awareness, innovations, customer engagement, digital marketing, social media, and SEO/SEM. I thrive under pressure and always look for new and exciting ways to help my clients achieve their goals. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter @SocialJulio and my ENS socialjulio.eth to learn more about my experience and expertise.


January 18, 2023


Stay Ahead in Today’s Job Market with Upskilling and Reskilling

The Cisco U. Snack Minute video series is a valuable resource for those looking to stay current in the technology industry. Each short episode covers the latest learning resources and gives a bird's-eye view of the industry with real-life scenarios.

June 9, 2022


Get Your POAP NFT at the Cisco Live DevNet Zone

Visit the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live and "mint" your very own official Proof of Attendance (POAP) NFT token.

May 23, 2022


Open source cloud native visibility tool for APIs

APIClarity, an open source cloud native visibility tool for APIs, utilizes a Service Mesh framework to capture and analyze API traffic, and identify potential risks.

May 10, 2022


IT Training and Employment Programs

Join DuAn Lightfoot for a live conversation on how Cisco DevNet, certifications, internships, and more can help advance your career.

August 26, 2021


Automation Nation ~ Live Twitter Spaces Conversation

Have questions for our Twitter Spaces conversation? Let us know with the tag #DevNetLIVE and join us every Thursday at 4:00 pm PDT

November 16, 2019


DevNet Create Call for Speakers

We are looking for people eager to learn and innovate. From beginners to experts. First-timers to seasoned pros. The developers, the experts, the leaders. We're looking for people just like you to inspire us all... to See It. Learn it. Code it.

August 22, 2019


Contributing to Charity on the Road to IMPACT

Our servicemen and women give a great deal for our freedom. Join us in returning the favor. 78 people have donated already!

March 10, 2019


SXSW 2019: How to Contribute to Ansible

Books, podcasts and videos are good, but nothing is better than a developer's step-by-step walk-through of their own personal Ansible contribution experience.

February 23, 2019


Webinar: Embracing Cloud Services and APIs with Meraki

Join us as we discuss and demonstrate ways in which Meraki cloud APIs are being used from custom monitoring and analytics to automating network provisioning.