Rick Bauer

Technical Solutions Architect

Campus Automation - Americas

Rick is a Technical Solutions Architect in the Enterprise Networking Campus Automation Center of Excellence within North America at Cisco Systems. He is responsible for solution design of Enterprise Networking within the Sales Engineering Practice. Rick is focused on architecting complex campus networks concentrating on Network Automation, Programmability, AIOps/NetOps/DevOps, and Cisco DNA Center as it applies to the automation and programmability within the Enterprise. Rick is driven to evangelize network automation and programmability in order to help as many network engineers and architects build the skills that are essential to their future career growth. Rick holds a number of Cisco Certifications including a CCDE and CCIE in Routing & Switching, was a member of the CCIE Advisory Council (2014-2020), and has contributed to both the CCDE and DevNet certification programs. His goal is to build long term relationships built on "THE" principal: Trust, Honesty, and Equality. CCDE #20140008 CCIE (R&S) #9482 DevNet Professional


April 15, 2022


Cisco DNA Center Planning and Adoption, Part 1 – What you need to make the jump to light speed

Do you have a Cisco DNA Center appliance and are now wondering how to get started and make the jump to light speed? Read part 1 of the 2-part series to help you save time and improve the success of your Cisco DNA Center adoption.