Al Dumdei

Technical Solutions Architect

Wireless Center of Excellence

Al Dumdei is a 30-year veteran in wireless systems, wireless circuit design and network design. He holds a MSEE in Electromagnetics, a CWNE and a CCIE in wireless. He has previous experience in Cisco Advanced Services designing and implementing wireless networks in some of the most challenging environments. Currently Al is working as a Technical Solutions Architect in the Cisco Wireless Center of Excellence working with customers to design the next generation of wireless networks. Al is also the author of various published papers both before and during his 20+ year tenure with Cisco.


April 10, 2023


Something New: AP Discovery Methods for 6GHz Wi-Fi – Part 2

In part 1 we explored some of the changes that were part of the 802.11ax standard. In part 2 we look at discovery techniques unique to the latest 802.11ax extension known as Wi-Fi 6E.