For those who joined us at Cisco Live! Amsterdam earlier this month, you might not have noticed that the venue featured a Private 5G Network established in partnership with NTT DATA.

Spanning two halls at RAI Amsterdam, or roughly 26,000 square meters, the seamless integration of this Private 5G network augmented the existing Wi-Fi network, pushing the boundaries of traditional connectivity, and creating a smart venue—a first for Cisco Live!

Built with the support of Intel, the Cisco Country Digital Acceleration team, and RAI Amsterdam—a conference and exhibition space that hosts millions of visitors annually—NTT DATA’s Private 5G network included four radios supporting mission critical and latency-sensitive applications. RAI also had over one hundred Wi-Fi access points supporting the user experience in the same location.

The entire ecosystem performed flawlessly. During busy hours with a full load on the network, Private 5G latency was a speedy 21.9 miliseconds, and Wi-Fi latency was 86 miliseconds. It was incredibly exciting to be part of the future of multi-access connectivity—wired and wireless, Wi-Fi, 4G and 5G, all brought together to enable a seamless digital experience.

The NTT DATA Private 5G-powered communication and streaming services were featured at Cisco Live! Amsterdam as part of the NTT DATA’s Smart Venue Solution, and included the following use cases:

  • Mobile broadcasting – wireless video crews roamed the exhibition halls with low latency and high bandwidth, delivering a streamlined multi-camera environment.
  • Visitor traffic management – Cisco’s Meraki cameras and NTT DATA’s Smart Management Platform tracked visitor movements and congestion, enabling operations and security teams to communicate real-time, data-driven crowd control decisions.
  • Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV) – Pre-packaged, flexible FWA Private 5G connectivity was setup and used to mimic rural cellular/satellite backhaul.
  • Premium Booth Connectivity – When the booth is already built and the floor is laid, network cable cannot be raised. P5G provided booth broadband for the exhibitor.
  • NTT Coffee Booth – Cisco’s Meraki cameras and the NTT DATA’s Smart Management Platform monitored and managed queues and seating to optimize the on-site experience.
  • Enhanced exhibitor experiences – Cisco’s Meraki cameras embedded throughout the venue and in booths captured anonymized data including the number of visitors and time spent in the booth to use for planning and to create better customer experiences.
  • Out of Band management – The Private 5G network, backhaul connectivity, and network operations center were integrated to provide the Cisco Live! events team with faster coordination and emergency response capabilities.
  • Venue Safety – Machine vision detected whether individuals were wearing Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) through a real-time alert system, helping to ensure safety throughout the convention center’s facilities.

NTT DATA Smart Venue Dashboard

Figure 1. NTT DATA Smart Venue Dashboard

Beyond the experience for event attendees, RAI benefited from the as-a-Service (aaS) model, which made it easy for them to “turn up” and support large amounts of data and real-time insights on the fly, seamlessly augmenting onsite experiences. Turning up 5G capabilities on an ad hoc basis is the ideal solution for conference centers that host large numbers of exhibitors and visitors.

Outfitting RAI with the ability to support advanced connectivity experiences was just the first step, our goal at Cisco is to provide our Service Provider customers with the seamless and flexible technology they need to create business outcomes that deliver on the bottom line.

According to Shahid Ahmed, Group Executive Vice President of New Ventures and Innovation at NTT DATA: “Private 5G and advanced analytics play a pivotal role in accelerating digitial transformation across industries and serve as a driving force to create smarter cities and venues. We are thrilled to partner with Cisco on this unique project. Private 5G excels in a complex environment like this one, and together with our Smart Management Platform will be the catalyst that accelerates the digital transformation journey for RAI and the City of Amsterdam.”

And the next steps at RAI? Cisco and NTT DATA plan to extend 5G coverage following Cisco Live to the venue’s vast 112,000 square meter footprint.


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Masum Mir

Senior Vice President and General Manager

Cisco Networking: Provider Mobility