smart services

February 22, 2016


Smart Services Build a Better Business Model

5 min read

Cisco Software-Enabled Services Help Transform Network Operations Imagine that you’re a network operations director for a large company. You’re pleased that your management has invested millions of dollars in Cisco equipment to provide a world-class network on which to drive the company’s business. Now, your company is counting on you to keep it running smoothly […]

November 11, 2015


How Much More Could You Be Making On Services?

2 min read

Partners often ask me, “How much can I make on services?” It’s a great question. The answer is almost always, “More than you’re making right now!” Let’s start with the sheer size of the services market. According to IDC, this will be over a $1 trillion market in less than five years. Partner service bookings […]

February 21, 2013


Remote Management Services: Rethinking the Way You Manage and Operate IT

Just a few short years ago, if your car broke down, you would automatically take it to your local mechanic who would identify the issue and fix it. Fast forward...

November 12, 2012


Top-Notch Network Assessments: The Simple, Affordable, and Fast Way to Build Your Business

2 min read

When we renovated our kitchen, one of our top priorities was upgrading to gas appliances. The first step was to have the gas company determine if our current gas line could handle the extra load of a restaurant-grade range. The same pre-implementation assessment is highly recommended, if not required, before adding a bandwidth-intensive product to […]