Alex Clark
Cisco IIoT Transportation Industry Specialist

Today’s transportation blog is guest authored by Alex Clark, Cisco IIoT Transportation Industry Specialist

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) recently reported that global air traffic had reached 88% of 2019 levels, with domestic traffic now near pre-pandemic levels at 98.9%. The IATA is also reporting that air travel will surpass pre-pandemic levels by this September and will exceed 2019 numbers by 8% at the end of 2024.

As airports complete the comeback from the global pandemic, airport operators are using this pivotal time to continue their digital transformation journey, by enhancing the travel experience for passengers while improving operations and driving towards sustainability targets.

In the most recent episode of the Coffee and Conversations podcast, I joined Danny Vicente and Laura Perek to examine what is taking place in airports across the globe and what innovations and technology are shaping their future.

Throughout the episode, we explore how airport operators can establish a secure, resilient, and agile network as well as touching on:

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