Masum Mir

Senior Vice President and General Manager

Cisco Networking: Provider Mobility

Masum Mir is the Senior Vice President and General Manager for Cisco Networking’s Provider Mobility business. Masum and his talented team create the products, software, and solutions that power the world's largest and most sophisticated 5G and Mobile IoT networks. These transformative innovations enable communication service providers to reimagine the future and better monetize 5G technology and investments.


August 10, 2023


Cisco Announces Intent to Acquire Working Group Two 

Cisco announces intent to acquire Working Group Two to boost its service edge deployment and API first strategy for application development partners, Enterprise customers and Service Provider partners. 

February 26, 2023


Cisco and Intel Collaborate to Drive Private 5G Innovation and Global IoT Adoption

At MWC in Barcelona, Cisco and Intel will showcase how Cisco Private 5G, with Intel Technology, can bring simple, secure and seamless innovation through tight integration with enterprise industrial networks.

January 12, 2023


Cisco and IoT: The Power of Partnership

With recent instability in the Connectivity Service Provider IoT connectivity market, Cisco reaffirms their IoT business leadership. stability, and commitment to their IoT business and customers.

Cisco and Bell Canada Share Their POV on Private 5G at Cisco Live!

At Cisco we’re seeing tremendous market opportunity for private 5G as-a-service (5GaaS). The promise of private 5G as a new consumer revenue platform for service providers has been slow to materialize, but private 5GaaS is capturing mind share, as more and more enterprises undergo digital transformation.

February 3, 2022


Private 5G Delivered on Your Terms

Cisco Private 5G is simple to start, intuitive to operate, and trusted. Learn more about the value of our unique “pay-as-you-use” model for private 5G.