For almost 40 years, Cisco’s innovative technologies have enabled more connected patient care and efficient workflows throughout healthcare organizations, hospitals and clinics worldwide. Learn from our experts about the latest trends and technologies impacting the healthcare industry.

Challenges, Trends and Opportunities for Healthcare Cybersecurity Leaders

Challenges, Trends and Opportunities for Healthcare Cybersecurity Leaders

Hear more about the challenges, trends and opportunities facing today’s healthcare cybersecurity leaders in this podcast episode with Becker's Healthcare.

Why access to timely and relevant health information is critical to patient engagement

Why access to timely and relevant health information is critical to patient engagement

Is your communication platform simply driving telephony or is it helping drive efficient, contextual connection for patients and providers?

How El Camino Health uses HIMSS INFRAM to avoid costly IT mistakes

How El Camino Health uses HIMSS INFRAM to avoid costly IT mistakes

See how the HIMSS INFRAM assessment validated El Camino Health’s return on recent technology investments and led to better digital experience for staff and patients.

September 26, 2023


Activating patients through the digital front door

In today's rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, the digital front door has opened up new possibilities for patient activation, fostering active patient participation and ultimately improving outcomes.

September 5, 2023


How to securely scale telehealth adoption

Healthcare system CIOs tell us one of their highest priorities is to establish an enterprise telehealth standard that is integrated into the current workflow and can scale securely. Learn how.

August 22, 2023


The power of INFRAM for providing technology ROI

See how the HIMSS tool INFRAM helped a Canadian hospital demonstrate the value of investing in cybersecurity.

June 22, 2023


What is clinical zero trust?

Clinical zero trust is a cybersecurity philosophy that has grown to address the multi-faceted needs of healthcare. Learn more about the model of clinical zero trust and how your organization can build a strategy of business and security resilience.

June 6, 2023


How technology can improve experience for patients and nurses

There is a critical shortage of clinical and non-clinical medical staff globally. We are in the midst of a global health emergency, and technology can help.

May 23, 2023


Using digital to create better healthcare and more resilient communities

Read the findings of a recent forum on the important role of technology innovation in healthcare and need for greater collaboration to improve healthcare outcomes.

May 4, 2023


Interested in better securing your EHR?

The threat of cyberattacks in healthcare continues to grow as the industry faces the arduous task of securing highly valuable and sensitive information in Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems. Learn how to implement a strategy of microsegmentation to better secure your EHR system.

May 2, 2023


Top three takeaways for healthcare technology leaders at HIMSS 2023

Read the top three takeaways from HIMSS 2023, based on conversations with healthcare leaders from around the world on the evolving role of technology.

April 11, 2023


Cisco at HIMSS 2023

If you’re joining Cisco onsite at HIMSS 2023 (booth #2225) you can expect to learn more about the trends impacting the healthcare industry and how Cisco technology can help you meet the challenges of today’s care landscape. Here are five ways to engage with Cisco onsite at HIMSS.

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