For more than twenty years, Deloitte and Cisco have been dedicated to creating meaningful results for our mutual clients in the ever-evolving digital landscape. By combining Cisco’s market presence with Deloitte’s expertise, we deliver scalable, adaptable solutions tailored to support unique digital transformation objectives. Our work together merges Cisco’s leadership in IT infrastructure, security, and related sectors with Deloitte’s expertise in digital transformation, analytics, and cloud services.

Our clients access Deloitte’s customized solutions across its consulting, advisory, and tax divisions, leveraging profound industry insights to achieve their business goals. We identify the optimal blend of products and services that integrate seamlessly with their environments, driving digital transformation in areas such as full-stack observability (FSO), connected factories, the future of work, sustainability, and security.

Improving application performance with Full-Stack Observability (FSO)

Deloitte and Cisco collaborate to offer FSO to SAP and AWS clients. By integrating Cisco AppDynamics (AppD) with other monitoring tools, we enhance application performance and drive better business outcomes. AppD addresses SAP visibility and performance concerns at the advanced business application programming (ABAP) code level to provide essential visibility data.

Our efforts offer several benefits to our clients, including:

  • Real-time discovery and visualization of all SAP components and their dependencies, helping to ensure a comprehensive view during SAP cloud migrations
  • Reduction of inter-team conflicts by providing a unified source of truth for application performance that bridges the gap between development, operations, and SAP Basis teams
  • Code-level visibility into SAP ABAP and connected non-SAP applications, expediting root cause analysis and performance issue identification
  • Establishing baseline health and performance metrics for applications before cloud migration, simplifying issue detection at every migration stage and validating success by comparing pre- and post-migration metrics

Enabling Industrial Smart Operations

In the age of Industry 4.0, leading organizations are transitioning from traditional to digital supply network operations. Traditional linear supply chains lack agility and efficiency, inhibiting broader revenue streams and profit growth. The Digital Supply Network is a dynamic system that incorporates ecosystem partners and leverages digital technologies such as predictive algorithms and real-time IoT sensor data.

Cisco supports secure data collection with sensors, multiaccess wireless, and a cybersecurity platform. Deloitte provides industry expertise and helps transform supply chains through strategy, implementation, cloud operations, and AI solutions.

The outcome? Industrial Smart Operations, delivered by Deloitte and Cisco.

Driving a sustainable future of work

Deloitte and Cisco collaborate to create the contemporary employee experience while reducing the global carbon footprint of offices and factories.

This transformation is influenced by four important trends:

  • Expansion of a remote hybrid workforce
  • Reevaluation of real estate requirements and evolving workplace dynamics
  • Increasing integration of artificial intelligence and telemetry in workplaces
  • Organizational imperative to embrace a broad range of energy efficiency measures in support of net-zero carbon emissions objectives

Fueled by rapid connectivity, innovative talent models, and cognitive technologies, Deloitte and Cisco are actively shaping the modern employee experience while simultaneously driving environmental sustainability in offices and factories worldwide.

Enhancing security postures

Together, we help our mutual clients confidently transform their cyber and strategic risk mitigation programs and reduce overall risk exposure. Deloitte also works with Cisco to integrate the Cisco Security Portfolio into the Deloitte Zero Trust PRISM Financial Risk asset. This zero-trust cybersecurity posture makes it possible to create more robust and resilient security, simplify security management, improve the end-user experience, and allow customers to incorporate cyber risk elements into their overall risk exposure.

Making an impact that matters

Cisco’s cutting-edge cybersecurity technology, industrial IoT, network transformation, collaboration and observability solutions, and SD-WAN, combined with Deloitte’s distinguished professional services, provide significant value to customers around the world.


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