Gibran Lopez

Customer Success Executive, CX

CX U.S. Public Sector

Gibran Lopez is a seasoned Customer Success Executive at Cisco in the Federal Civilian Sector, where he leverages over 15 years of strategic leadership experience. His role involves the creation and implementation of strategic technology adoption plans aimed at achieving the success of federal civilian agencies' missions and objectives. Adept at strategic IT-enablement and modernization, Gibran focuses on elevating customer sentiment and promoting technology adoption, effectively improving agency-dependent priorities, objectives, and fiscal efficiency. Before joining Cisco, Gibran played a pivotal role in the U.S. Army as a Civil-Military Liaison, managing relationships between U.S. government agencies, foreign nations, and international organizations. His distinguished military career saw him in various roles, providing strategic guidance, overseeing operations and training, and excelling in civil affairs operations. Gibran holds a Master's degree in Strategic Leadership from the University of Charleston and is recognized for his commitment to professional growth and significant contributions to his field.


November 29, 2023


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