Steve Vetter

Senior Strategic Solution Executive and Federal Strategist

U.S. Public Sector

Steve Vetter serves as a senior strategic solution executive and federal strategist for Cisco’s Federal Sector. In this role, he is responsible for helping develop Cisco’s overarching approach to bringing new capabilities and services into the government to help enhance Agency mission success.

He has more than 15 years of IT industry strategic leadership experience enhancing Federal Agency mission outcomes via strategic IT-enablement and modernization with special emphasis on: pragmatic transformation; cultural transformation impacts; information assurance and cybersecurity; and critical infrastructure protection.

As Director of Strategic Planning for the largest outsourcing of Federal Government IT to industry, Vetter focused on implementing enterprise application integration and rationalization strategies; authoritative data source initiatives; and web-enablement of legacy applications and data.

Vetter, a retired Naval Intelligence Commander, served in a variety of Pentagon positions related to dynamic threat intelligence, defensive information warfare, IT outsourcing strategies, and protecting critical infrastructure while serving on the staff of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (C3I) and as Special Assistant to the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy (C4I). His career also included direct support for Desert Storm combat operations in the Persian Gulf, Senior Intelligence Briefer to the Secretary of the Navy and Chief of Naval Operations, and directing numerous intelligence fusion analysis efforts.

He holds degrees from Northwestern University and has received numerous professional awards and recognition from the military and intelligence community, as well as honors from non-profit and government organizations for his volunteer service.


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