cisco supply chain

Finding purpose in improving supply chain worker well-being

2 min read

In honor of Human Rights Day, we reflect on Cisco's work to respect human rights in our supply chain.

Updated Cisco Supplier Guide fosters a responsible and sustainable supply chain

1 min read

Our supply chain is critical to our business success. That’s why we have launched our updated Cisco Supplier Guide to help support this work.

February 11, 2022


Options + Communication: The keys to delivering in any great relationship

1 min read

What’s the key to persevering and delivering when it matters the most? Communication, of course!

January 25, 2022


JUMPing into Career Growth at Cisco

4 min read

Pelin S. is an Engineer on our Supply Chain team and shares her journey as a participant of Cisco's JUMP Women's Development Cohort.

Circular Economy: Product and packaging design

3 min read

Circular design is fundamental to our ability to implement a circular economy, both now and into the future. Our circular design strategy spans five focus areas.

People Behind CSR at Cisco: How it’s made matters

6 min read

Maria Gorsuch-Kennedy leads the Supply Chain Social and Environmental Responsibility team at Cisco. She shares more about supply chain sustainability.

Cisco’s Sustainability Speaker Series focuses on environmental justice

5 min read

We hosted the second part to Cisco’s annual sustainability speaker series for Cisco employees and contractors, called SustainX. This second part focused entirely on environmental justice.