cisco supply chain

Finding purpose in improving supply chain worker well-being

In honor of Human Rights Day, we reflect on Cisco's work to respect human rights in our supply chain.

Updated Cisco Supplier Guide fosters a responsible and sustainable supply chain

Our supply chain is critical to our business success. That’s why we have launched our updated Cisco Supplier Guide to help support this work.

February 11, 2022


Options + Communication: The keys to delivering in any great relationship

What’s the key to persevering and delivering when it matters the most? Communication, of course!

January 25, 2022


JUMPing into Career Growth at Cisco

Pelin S. is an Engineer on our Supply Chain team and shares her journey as a participant of Cisco's JUMP Women's Development Cohort.

Circular Economy: Product and packaging design

Circular design is fundamental to our ability to implement a circular economy, both now and into the future. Our circular design strategy spans five focus areas.

People Behind CSR at Cisco: How it’s made matters

Maria Gorsuch-Kennedy leads the Supply Chain Social and Environmental Responsibility team at Cisco. She shares more about supply chain sustainability.

Cisco’s Sustainability Speaker Series focuses on environmental justice

We hosted the second part to Cisco’s annual sustainability speaker series for Cisco employees and contractors, called SustainX. This second part focused entirely on environmental justice.