Jack Allen

Leader, Circular Economy, Sustainability, Security, Risk and Resiliency

Supply Chain Transformation: Sustainability

Jack has been in supply chain for 33 years at Cisco, in almost every function. He and his teams have run factories, implemented systems, integrated acquisitions, managed materials, and delivered product all over the world. An Innovator and serial entrepreneur, Jack’s started two companies, both still in operation today, and until recently ran two supply chain Innovation Centers in Istanbul and Houston. He’s a sought-after speaker on the topic of the digital disruption in the Supply Chain, and often appears in magazines or speaks at conferences about Cisco’s work on IoT and the rapidly digitizing supply chain. Jack and his wife teach robotics to kids as part of their desire to build STEM competency in the US (particularly with minorities and girls), and their kids build and fight combat robots.


Updated Cisco Supplier Guide fosters a responsible and sustainable supply chain

1 min read

Our supply chain is critical to our business success. That’s why we have launched our updated Cisco Supplier Guide to help support this work.