Pauline Vogl

Environmental Sustainability Manager

Corporate Affairs

Pauline Vogl is an environmental sustainability manager on the sustainability team in Corporate Affairs. She is a dynamic connector, recognized by leaders as a go-to program manager to solve unique challenges across the business.


A mother speaks up for Mother Earth

6 min read

Cisco's Elisabeth Brandasu shares how being a mother has impacted her perspective on the environment and influenced her actions.

Inspiring people toward a sustainable future: How I found my voice as a climate activist

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Climate youth activist, Diego Arreola Fernández, was a guest speaker at this year's SustainX. He shares his story and tips on how to get involved.

Cisco’s Sustainability Speaker Series focuses on environmental justice

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We hosted the second part to Cisco’s annual sustainability speaker series for Cisco employees and contractors, called SustainX. This second part focused entirely on environmental justice.