FY20 CSR Impact Report

Investments in privacy and security innovation

3 min read

As part of our investments in innovation, Cisco’s approach to security and privacy was ready to meet critical demand during these extraordinary times.

Cisco’s inclusive future: A value chain perspective

4 min read

Cisco's SVP of Supply Chain, John Kern, shares how Cisco is taking action to drive a more just and sustainable future for the workers and communities in our value chain, and for us all collectively on this planet.

Creating a pathway to opportunity through economic empowerment

4 min read

For more than a decade, Cisco has invested in economic empowerment for underserved and underrepresented populations, by providing cash grants, donating Cisco technology, and contributing staff time and expertise to nonprofits that design and deliver technology-based solutions in three areas for thriving in a digital economy. 

A focus on access: Learning and digital skills development

7 min read

As a leading technology company, Cisco is committed to offering inclusive access to digital skills training and supporting those who use technology in education. After all, even the most transformative innovations have no value if people don’t know how to use them, or don’t have access to them.

The positive impact of Cisco solutions

4 min read

Find out how Cisco solutions are being used to make a positive impact in country digital acceleration, future of work and connectivity in critical settings.

Cisco product energy efficiency

2 min read

Cisco’s customers are asking for more energy-efficient products, learn how Cisco is meeting consumer demands for greater technological capabilities.

Environmental impact in Cisco’s supply chain

4 min read

Making the world a better place with technology begins with how we make that technology. This commitment is core to our supply chain.

Cisco product lifecycle management

5 min read

Cisco product lifecycle management is central to the concept of a circular economy. Learn more about our commitment to a circular economy.

Initiatives to enable progress: Taking action during a global pandemic

5 min read

Cisco employees continue to seek ways to make an impact. As we move on to an inclusive recovery, we take a look back at Cisco's pandemic response.