Bill Hentschell

Worldwide Enterprise Routing Sales Leader

Enterprise Networks Sales

Bill Hentschell is the worldwide sales leader for Enterprise Routing and has responsibility for the growth, strategy, and success of the $4B technology that started it all 30 years ago. In his 16 years at Cisco he has held various leadership roles that were all keenly focused on customer success and innovation. In his current position he has had the opportunity to travel the globe listening and advising hundreds of customers, partners, and service providers about how they can use technology to transform their business in this new area of digitization.

Bill attained his MBA and initiated the first Cisco MBA cohort with University of Phoenix along with a Management and Leadership degree from the MIT Sloan School of Business, and a B.S. in Criminology and Criminal Law from the University of Missouri. In addition, he has acquired over 14 technical certifications across multiple domains. Prior to Cisco, Bill started the security practice at Worldwide Technology (WWT) as one of three principal consultants. Currently he lives in St. Louis with his wife Rachel and are the proud parents of two children.


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