Cisco Partners

September 21, 2021


The Power of a Good Plan

With a consolidated plan to accelerate business, there’s not one person that bears the entire weight to reach sales goals and resolve problems with targeted and cross-architecture solutions or necessary activity budget. With the support of multiple marketing and sales teams, the clarity around promotions, requirements, and certifications is evenly distributed across the teams.

September 20, 2021


Platform Simplicity, Profitability and Partners for the WIN!

Our collaboration team continues to deliver breakthrough innovations that are removing friction involved with a transition to hybrid work. Join us for weekly training events and get up to speed on the latest products, programs, resources, and tools—which will also help you to educate customers and build your pipeline.

September 16, 2021


Enhance your Competitive Advantage with Cisco Black Belt Academy

The Cisco Black Belt Academy constantly looks for and adds new programs, often in conjunction with our partners. One such partnership is VQ Communications, the latest participant in the Black Belt Academy program. VQ Communications has been a Cisco Solutions Plus Partner since April of 2020, and provides the recommended management software for the Cisco Meeting Server platform.

September 15, 2021


What do the Cloud and 10,000 steps a day have in common?

Treating “cloud” as an operating model--not a destination-- will allow one to choose the best deployment plan for the intended purpose of the applications.

September 14, 2021


Good service begins with visibility

In order to keep customers happy and having a great experience, partners--and their customers--need end-to-end visibility to keep things running smoothly.

September 13, 2021


Bolstering the Partner Experience Platform with Intelligent Planning, Connectivity, and Collaboration

Cisco's Partner Experience Platform (PXP) simplifies the partner experience and empowers our partners with all the information you need to grow your business. New additions to PXP will advance our journey to predictive planning, connectivity, and collaboration.

September 10, 2021


Interested in business growth? Demo & Office Use Hardware and Software can do just that

When partners have demo capabilities and use Cisco products and services internally, they develop better solution expertise and are more effective sellers. They have firsthand knowledge of the features and functionality but also can personally speak to the business impact. As a result, these partners close more deals and grow more quickly.

September 8, 2021


Why You Should Care about Cisco Enterprise Agreements

Enterprise Agreements help us accelerate the customer’s digital journey, enabling Cisco and our partners to deliver innovation and value through software that can be continuously updated and upgraded.

August 31, 2021


Leveraging Technology to Power the Hybrid Workplace

A new model has emerged to facilitate the back to work surge: the hybrid workplace. Cisco’s best-of-breed hybrid workforce solution offers five key benefits to address the unique requirements of each company's unique workforce.