Ken Seitz

Senior Director of Offer Management and Business Operations

Partner Managed & as-a-Service

Ken Seitz is Senior Director of Offer Management and Business Operations for the Partner Managed & as-a-Service team in Cisco’s Global Partner & RTM Sales organization. His team of Offer Managers work with other Cisco functions to build and curate offers specific to the care-abouts of Cisco’s Provider Partners inclusive of products, buying programs, enablement materials, and integration with the Cisco Partner Program’s Provider role. Additionally, Ken leads the Cisco+ Partner GTM function, which spearheads the company’s charge to bring as-a-Service enabling offers to our Partner community as part of Cisco’s portfolio to subscription transformation initiatives. Further, the Business Operations function provides the organization with data and analytics needed to drive these route-to-market and portfolio transformation imperatives and streamline the related sales operations within Cisco and in the interactions with Managed Service Provider Partners. Ken has two and-a-half decades of technology service provider experience spent developing, selling, and delivering advanced cloud-centric services across Internet, data center, collaboration, application, security, and network technologies.


May 29, 2024


From Trend to Mainstay: The Unstoppable Force of Managed Services

4 min read

Get ready to go beyond and explore new paths to success with partner managed-ready solutions designed to enable greater efficiency, operational scale, innovation, and open new market opportunities!

November 10, 2022


The 3 Ps for Partner Managed Services: Platform, Preference, and Performance

5 min read

In case you missed Partner Summit last week, we just want to reiterate: your customers heavily prefer to consume technology as managed outcomes! Our strategy for success, guiding our evolution in Partner Managed Services, is centered on our 3 Ps: Platform, Preference, and Performance.

March 11, 2022


Innovation in Cisco SD-WAN for Managed Services

2 min read

With remote work, agility and security are top concerns for every company since teams are now increasingly distributed with global and branch offices. Cisco SD-WAN continues to provide an ideal solution to enable secure connections between users, branch office networks, public and private clouds, and the internet.

June 24, 2016


Open New Markets with Evolving DRaaS Offerings

3 min read

What is the cost for one hour of downtime in today’s digital world? Can a value be placed on applications or data that can’t be recovered after an outage, or needs to be restored from days (or weeks) prior? Before the advent of cloud computing, organizations were forced to implement disaster recovery by duplicating their […]