Patrick Finn

No Longer at Cisco

Patrick S. Finn is Senior Vice President of Cisco’s U.S. Public Sector Organization. He leads Cisco’s sales, growth strategy and integrated business plans for U.S. Governments (state, local and federal), educational institutions at all levels and public healthcare. His team works to transform how the public sector protects, serves and educates by leveraging the network and technology to connect, innovate and lead. Finn’s Public Sector team focuses on innovations in areas including data centers, video collaboration, cloud computing, cybersecurity and secure mobility to create solutions that range from connected classrooms, to connected justice and connected government. Their efforts enable Cisco to lead in the transformation to a more advanced and effective public sector in the areas of pervasive video, cloud computing and cybersecurity.

Finn’s integrated team of more than 2,000 employees works closely with multiple Cisco groups to manage the development and deployment of technology solutions that enhance national defense, secure information, streamline citizen services, enrich education systems and maximize efficiency for healthcare providers. With more than 30 years of technology and business experience, Finn is a strong advocate for the public sector applying information technology products and service solutions to increase collaboration, innovation and productivity.  The U.S. Public Sector is an important part of Cisco’s business because it generates approximately $5 billion in annual revenue, but more importantly because it leads in the focus around veterans, STEM education and cybersecurity.

A 17-year veteran of Cisco, Finn has also led various organizations including the U.S. Federal Organization, Cisco’s Vertical Markets for the U.S. and Canada (which included state and local government, education, healthcare, sports and entertainment, retail and real estate),  and  New York Metro Area.  Immediately following the tragic events of September 11, 2001, Finn was part of a team of Cisco and partner organizations who tirelessly  supported New York City customers, including government, first responders, and financial service institutions.

Prior to joining Cisco, Finn was responsible for Pepsi Cola International’s worldwide infrastructure, consulting, and network applications. He also held various sales leadership positions at IPC Information Systems and IBM Corporation.

Finn serves on the Cisco Foundation Board, which provides guidance on Cisco’s philanthropic investments. He is a board member of the USO and the Northern Virginia Technology Council.  He is also a member of ACT-IAC and AFCEA; and is actively engaged with veterans’ organizations to assist returning veterans in securing employment.  He is a past member of the National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering and various emerging technology companies Board of Advisors.

Finn often represents Cisco in various forums to speak about leadership and technology enablement in business and government.  In 2013, FCW magazine honored him with a “Federal 100” award in recognition of his work in promoting technology in the federal government.

Finn holds a Master of Science degree in telecommunication and computer management from NYU-Polytechnic University, and a Bachelor of Science in management information systems from Pace University.


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