Jeevan Patil

Director, Product Management

Wireless Network

Jeevan is a Director Product Management responsible for Wireless LAN Controllers in Wireless Networking Group. He has a rich history of experience in Wireless LAN over the last 8 years.

-Led the productization of the IOS based controllers 5760 standalone appliance and the wireless functionality with 3850 access switches in Jan 2013

- Led the launch of 4 simultaneous controllers - the WiSM2 blade in the Cat6K, Flex7500, WLC2500 and the solution in ISR G2 in Apr 2011 with smooth migration from the previous portfolio.


- Prior to Controllers, Jeevan drove Access Points Portfolio Strategy for 4 years. Led the launch of the industry’s first enterprise 802.11n Access Point(AP1250) and led many ask-the-expert sessions around 802.11n. Also led Cisco’s foray into SMB arena with 521 series Access Point.

- Helped set the strategy around co-existence of wired and cellular technology:


- Led Cisco’s client Strategy around CCX and defined the version 5 of specifications that eventually led to Cisco innovations around Management Frame Protection and Client Troubleshooting.

- 4 Patents approved at USPTO in the areas of wireless and security

Prior to his role in Product Management, Jeevan was a Software developer within Cisco for 5 years focused on ACS, NAM, URT

Jeevan has an MBA from Santa Clara University and Masters of Computer Engineering from Wayne State University

Spends his weekends with wife and two kids.


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