Previously I have blogged about No SSID Outage and No Client Reauthentication whereby even if your Cisco Wireless Controllers were to fail due to any reason, the clients will NOT experience any downtime due to Stateful Failover functionality to a Standby Controller. What could be better than that? Controllers that never go down! 


A picture is worth a thousand words! As you can see the above the WEBGUI on a 5508 series wireless controller shows that, it is running 7.0 code which was an MD release, has been operational for over a thousand days or over three years! Similar to most hospitals, John Muir Health has an enterprise SSID for the staff, a second critical SSID dedicated for Voice-over Wi-Fi for nurses, a third mission-critical SSID to ensure that their pumps are always connected to provide patient care and two others focused on providing free Wi-Fi connectivity for guests and patients.

Thanks to Brian Wollak, Senior Wireless Consulting Engineer at CDW, David Flinn the Solution Architect and Jeremy Hardy, Supervisor, Network and Telecommunications and to Rey Garces Network Engineer at John Muir Health for sharing this awesome story!


John Muir Health is a 267-licensed bed hospital that serves Contra Costa County and Concord California. The hospital has repeatedly received many awards for providing the best patient care as well as for best facilities for various services. In addition to the various patient care services, the hospital also provides Wi-Fi access to guests so they always stay connected.

For more on Cisco’s wireless LAN controllers, visit www.cisco.com/go/controllers.



Jeevan Patil

Director, Product Management

Wireless Network