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Cisco’s Empowered Women’s Network’s #reDefineCommunity Contest 2nd runner up

We are less than a week away from our 3rd Annual Cisco Empowered Women’s Network’s forum at Cisco Live and we have some exciting news to share!

Congratulations to Vidushi Sharma! After careful deliberation of all the entries, Vidushi has been selected as our 2nd runner up for the #reDefineCommunity Contest for the Cisco Empowered Women’s Network!

Vidushi Sharma is a Sophomore at Princeton Universiry and she is the founder is an alternative to traditional social media sites that focus on instant gratification and procrastination. is a longform interest-based platform where members connect with people who love what they love. Read More »

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Advocating for The Internet of Change

On May 25 2015, I had the honor to participate on a panel on Digital Inclusion of Women for Gender Equality at WSIS 2015, held in Geneva, Switzerland:

Women with varying backgrounds from all parts of the world, passionately discussed the opportunities to advocate for change both in the industry and in government.


Questions for all of us to posit may be the following: Read More »

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Carpe Diem – Seize the day! Inspiration from May’s Everyday Heroes of CEWN


Guest Blog and Interview by Anuja Singh 

Anuja Singh

Welcome to our monthly CEWN segment about role models. We all make resolutions and set goals to improve ourselves– but somewhere along the way, life interrupts our plans, we find ourselves juggling different priorities and invariably things get dropped. What you will find in this segment is inspiration from ordinary people who have achieved extraordinary results. Everyone featured in this series has faced challenges and opportunities that the rest of us can identify with; let’s draw inspiration from the choices they made and aspire to the outcomes they created.

Amy Arnold

Amy Arnold – Amy’s twitter Avatar describes her as a Read More »

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#RedefineCommunity with Cisco Empowered Women’s Network Social Media Contest

Carissa LadaGuest Blog written by Carissa Lada, Customer Support Engineer

Here at Cisco, it’s easy to understand the importance of technology. We can connect with people around the world, do our jobs more efficiently, and create innovative solutions that have never been seen before. Technology also gives us the ability to change the world in unprecedented ways.   The best part is that we know there are incredible people out in our community making a difference and embodying Cisco’s mission to change the way people learn, work, live, and play.

At Cisco Live in San Diego this June, we want to highlight the impact people are having in their communities. Our theme for the Cisco Empowered Women’s Network (CEWN) event is to ReDEFINE Tomorrow, Today. One facet of this campaign is to showcase the ways Read More »

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Join The Internet of Women@Cisco and Invent Together!

Inspire and connect women, celebrate achievements, encourage more women into technical and leadership roles, recruit men to be advocates for women, make a measurable difference. We can’t wait for the day when we don’t have to talk about it anymore. Until then we want to do more and say less. Because, gender equality: its not just good business, its good for business.

At Cisco, we are not sitting around and waiting. We are casting a wide net by looking at all disciplines. Bring your curiosity, desire, ambitions! Our culture is about bringing in the best talent, we conform to who you are instead of asking you to conform.

Think of the most significant inventions and business achievements of the last 15 years, and it becomes clear how much IT has shaped the world. Facebook, Google, the iPhone (and most other devices from Apple), 4G / emerging 5G mobile connectivity, all define possibilities in how we connect with others and interact today.

Over the next few years wearable technology, 3D printing, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality will all make big strides. The Internet of Everything (where every device, thing, can communicate automatically, be it a smart-phone or a smart-fridge) will continue to grow, further binding our consumer existence to technology.

A career at Cisco could put you at the forefront of these important advances, changing people’s lives in dramatic ways.

Cisco technology has been pivotal to the development of our Internet. As we move to Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, Cyber-security, the sky is the limit of the possibilities for you as technologists.

Accept the challenge of joining the Internet of Women at Cisco to invent together and moreover, to truly change the way we live, work and play.



If you want to make a difference and have impact visit the Cisco team at the IEEE-WIE Conference. Hack with us on April 26: IEEE-Cisco Micro Hackathon. Meet with people outside of your regular work and collaborate with people you just met. Have fun developing ideas and your entry could win you a prize. Register at

We are excited about the forthcoming IEEE Women in Engineering Conference to be held in San Jose, California, April 23-25


We look forward to welcoming you!

Liz Centoni and Monique Morrow, Co-Cisco Women In Science and Engineering (WISE) Exec Sponsors