Discovering New Forms of Storytelling with Data

3 min read

She's A Crowd will ensure every woman, anywhere in the world, can access a platform to share her story safely, and that those stories will be heard by people who have the power to change the outcome.

Women Rock-IT: Accelerate Your Start-Up with Emotional Technology

4 min read

This blog was guest-written by Kathy Xiaosi Gong, CEO and co-founder of WafaGames. She’ll be guest-speaking during the “Social Entrepreneurs Using Tech to Solve Global Problems” session of the Women Rock-IT series on November 16th.

August 23, 2016


How the Cisco Family helped me Race Across America

5 min read

What happens when the toughest bicycle race in the world meets Cisco and Internet of Things (IoT) technology? I needed to...

April 18, 2016


From #TechWriter to #TechIcon

2 min read

How To Be A Nimble Dinosaur On Twitter I think there are a lot of people like me at Cisco. I’m...

Join Us for the Women of Impact 2016 Conference on March 10th

3 min read

The Women of Impact Conference is designed for women in IT, to give us a place to network and motivate one another. We unite women from all over the world...