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Women Rock-IT: Accelerate Your Start-Up with Emotional Technology

This blog was guest-written by Kathy Xiaosi Gong, CEO and co-founder of WafaGames. She’ll be guest-speaking during the “Social Entrepreneurs Using Tech to Solve Global Problems” session of the Women Rock-IT series on November 16th.

August 23, 2016


How the Cisco Family helped me Race Across America

What happens when the toughest bicycle race in the world meets Cisco and Internet of Things (IoT) technology? I needed to...

April 18, 2016


From #TechWriter to #TechIcon

How To Be A Nimble Dinosaur On Twitter I think there are a lot of people like me at Cisco. I’m...

Join Us for the Women of Impact 2016 Conference on March 10th

The Women of Impact Conference is designed for women in IT, to give us a place to network and motivate one another. We unite women from all over the world...