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Join Us for the Women of Impact 2016 Conference on March 10th

March 2, 2016 - 16 Comments

The Women of Impact Conference is designed for women in IT, to give us a place to network and motivate one another. We unite women from all over the world to help each other and co-developing our careers. That’s exactly what we are set to do again next week.

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Women of Impact (WOI) has been an annual staple at Cisco for several years. It’s a free, global event that’s open to all Cisco employees to help women in the IT field gain practical knowledge to help our careers, as well as expand our network of professional allies. We are also joined by Customers and Partners from around the world! Last year, our theme was #BeFearless, as we encouraged women to invest in themselves and take risks that could drive them further than ever before. This year, we’re going further still, and encouraging women to #BeUnstoppable!


What It Means to #BeUnstoppable

Everyone encounters obstacles in life. Roadblocks in both our personal and professional lives can distract us, drag us down, or keep us from getting where we want to be. But to #BeUnstoppable! means to stay committed to your goals and keep moving forward despite whatever setbacks arise.

I have learned that we women often feel forced to make sacrifices in our lives and careers that keep us from having the lives we want, or attaining our vision for the future. But I have also learned that the only person forcing us to make those sacrifices is us. More often than not, experience shows that the roadblocks to our success are our own frustration and self-doubt.

Everyone gets discouraged sometimes. It’s not a sign of weakness, but simply a sign of being human. The key to success is in how to react in the face of that discouragement and self-doubt. If we allow negativity to cloud our mindset and interfere with our commitment to our goals, then we will never attain them. But if we remain firm in our convictions and decide that failure is not an option, then that will fuel our hard work and boost our confidence. As a result, we can achieve whatever goals we set our minds to.

Of course, it takes more than just determination and self-confidence to #BeUnstoppable! It takes knowledge and experience, and the drive never to stop obtaining more of both. And it takes an ability to see every situation as an opportunity for growth and progress, and a willingness to take advantage of those opportunities, in order to move forward.

Sometimes, as we push ourselves, the end result isn’t entirely clear. We can lose sight of our goal, or simply not understand how our current actions will help on the path towards that goal. When that happens, we simply need to have faith: faith in ourselves! And faith in what we’re trying to achieve. Keeping your end-goal in sight and having the courage to succeed is a surefire way to #BeUnstoppable!

Women of Impact 2016

ShariSlateSo how will the Women of Impact 2016 Conference help you to #BeUnstoppable? Through Women of Impact, you can connect with mentors and allies to advise you and help you through when things get tough. You can gain useful knowledge about what’s going on in the world of IT, as well as what it takes to succeed both professionally and personally.

Most importantly, Women of Impact allows you to connect with other women in IT who have been through it: the women who ARE unstoppable and who have already achieved many of their goals. Hear from, interact with, and take inspiration from role models in the field, real Women of Impact, who personify what it means to #BeUnstoppable! Please join us!

We are having a #CiscoChat on Friday, March 4 from 8-9am PST with VP, Chief Inclusion and Collaboration Officer, Shari Slate, Senior Director Finance/ Inclusion and Collaboration Lead, Jill Franze and Social Media Coach, Jane Scandurra to chat about what it means to #BeUnstoppable. Join us!


These are just a few of the things you’ll be able to do at the Women of Impact 2016 Conference. To learn more about the conference, follow us on Twitter @cisco_woi and Like the Cisco Empowered Women’s Network Facebook page. We look forward to having you join us on March 4 for the #CiscoChat and March 10 for the virtual Women of Impact Conference.


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  1. Just saw this! I am in Chicago and would have loved to participate. How can I get on the communications list for this annual Michigan conference?

  2. Wow this is so cool!

  3. Hi Silvia
    Really appreciate such an awesome and very important blog, diversity always equal creativity, productively, prosperity, genuinety, equality, balance, unbelievable innovation and everything in between. This week at Partner Summit I had the pleasure of spending time with one of our partner’s CEO , he became a good friend when he told me that almost 50% of his employees are women, he put a huge smile on my face and hope to see more and more of the same, I like to keep smiling. Diversity Matters!!!!!
    Thanks again, Silvia, and can’t wait to see you on the 10th.

    • I admire and appreciate your passion for diversity and inclusion, Mo. Let’s do a Blab with your new friend. How did he achieve this enviable balance in his company? I’ve got lots of questions, and look forward to finding the answers with you. See you soon, my friend!

  4. Don’t let anything drag you down, find a silver lining in everything and keep wanting to learn more – enthusiasm in everyone and, especially, yourself goes a long way and can make anyone absolutely unstoppable!

    • Alice, you know I fully expect to work for you someday. Your youth, energy, and amazing brain inspire me to keep learning, especially from innovators like you. I appreciate your friendship.

  5. Thanks so much for inviting me to this event Silvia, you’ve been a huge inspiration to me this year and I’m looking forward to connecting with more of the awesome Cisco family!

    • Dorothy, you are smart, funny, and incredibly thoughtful. You inspire me every day, and have made me smile more times than you know. Thank you, my friend.

  6. Thanks for coordinating this blog, Silvia. When I see women helping women in the workplace, especially in IT (a traditionally male-dominated field), it makes me feel unstoppable! Being part of a diverse team of smart, successful people who are excited and care about the work they do helps, too. A rising tide raises all ships, after all.

    • Yes! A rising tide helps all. Wonderful attitude! We can win while helping others win, too. Thank you for your daily support, Laura, and for your warm welcome to the Team.

  7. Being unstoppable really means figuring out what’s important to you and pursing it. Really excited with the engagement on this years conference – encouraging all of us to be rock stars in our own lives!

    • You are definitely a rock star, Siobhan! I’m inspired by your focus and energy to get things done. You radiate positivity, and inspire everyone. You make us smile.

  8. I am so excited to be able to attend this event. I especially appreciate that men are being included and, in fact, speaking. By working together with our male colleagues, we will truly be unstoppable!

  9. Hi Silvia,
    So good to see you writing on here. You add so much value to every space you’re in. I think that’s a really appropriate reflection of what is currently happening and I’m glad you wrote this down so other can be better informed. I am also sharing this now on my social networks. Great stuff!