Women in Cybersecurity

November 3, 2023


Intuition and Curiosity Mix Well with Technology

5 min read

Read this interview with Valeria Scribanti, a Technical Solutions Specialist with focus on cybersecurity, where she shares about her career story.

October 25, 2023


It’s “by mistake” – How I got into Cybersecurity

3 min read

Gee interviews David, a hiring manager, to discuss why he looks for skills “outside of the box”, his mentoring experience, and more.

March 1, 2023


Authenticity Paves the Way to an Inclusive Future at Women in Cybersecurity Conference

3 min read

Learn how women in cybersecurity highlight one another's value and empower each other to bridge opportunities from today to tomorrow.

October 10, 2022


Cybersecurity Re-Launchers: Pivoting into Cybersecurity as a Mid-Career Professional

4 min read

It is never too late to start a career in cybersecurity. If you are passionate about the topic and are ready to put in the work to acquire the skills and knowledge needed, anyone, regardless of educational background, can break into cybersecurity.