predictive maintenance

Predictive Analytics in Oil and Gas – 3 Types

3 min read

Operators implement predictive analytics for oil and gas in three different ways: for equipment failure, process failure and system failure.

How Predictive Maintenance Works – 5 Steps

3 min read

Predictive maintenance provides operators with a reliable estimate of when maintenance will be needed on an industrial asset. The 5 steps of predictive maintenance start with data acquisition. Then, data processing identifies whether a failure will occur in the near future. Finally, the processed data is stored and visualized for operators to analyze and make […]

November 4, 2019


Predictive Maintenance: Resetting the Readiness Curve

2 min read

Find out why predictive maintenance using AI/ML holds tremendous value for DoD weapon system maintenance.

May 27, 2019


Realizing Industry 4.0

3 min read

From big data to autonomous robots, Industry 4.0 brings a wealth of new opportunities to grow and expand your business. Explore the Top 6 reasons manufacturers turn to Cisco.

April 19, 2017


Today’s IoT Opportunity: B2B or B2C?

3 min read

While consumer IoT gets the buzz, business-to-business IoT applications are generating billions of dollars in value. Find out how.

October 26, 2016


How to Get Started on the IoT Journey: Four Fast Paths to Payback

4 min read

As I said in my last blog, implementing the Internet of Things (IoT) is a journey, not a one-time event. And like every journey, it begins with a single step. Over the last few years, I have met with dozens of customers across the world and in every industry. Believe it or not, many of […]

December 17, 2015


Analytics: Building a Winning Strategy in Manufacturing

2 min read

Machinery, supply chains, and raw materials have always been core concerns in manufacturing. Today, another asset is just as critical — data. General Electric Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Immelt said it well: “The industrial world is changing dramatically, and those companies that make the best use of data will be the most successful.” I certainly […]